How to Make Black Walls Work in Your Home

Looking for the next big trend for your home? Then you might want to take a look at the black walls. At first glance, it may seem that black walls are too depressing, close in a space or collide with other elements of the room. On top of that, they have the reputation of being the wall color chosen by rebellious teens.

However, if you know how to work with black walls, they can be an elegant and imposing addition to almost any room model. Read on to learn how to work with this bold and creative trend. And even if you’re not ready to take the plunge with a style statement, it can be inspiring to see how some home designers have created a bold style like black walls.

Use colorful elements in the room

When the rest of the room’s design is not properly considered, black walls can close in space and create a dark and sad mood. However, the picture above shows how black walls can easily be offset by more colorful elements in the room, such as bedding.

You can apply colors in the space in different ways. You can use bright neon-painted furniture to infuse a bold color into the room. This creates a funky and artistic style. You can also use lighter white pieces, such as an oversized calendar hanging on the wall or works of art. The picture above also shows how the combination of a black wall with a large window can balance light and shadows in space.

Go for the accent walls

If you want to try black walls, it is not necessary to dive into the painting of the four walls in a dark room. The picture above shows how a simple accent wall can give you the elegant and majestic look of the black walls trend without overloading the space. As the picture shows, the accent wall goes well with the other black accents of the space, like the carpet and the door frame.

Meanwhile, the rest of the space can be composed of neutral tones, so that the room is not too dark. Neutrals like the gray sofa and the white floor make up for black elements.

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