How to Make Area Rugs Fit In With Your Room’s Style

Matching colors

An important way to choose a rug is to match it to the colors you already have in the room. You can see how this idea works in practice on the photo above. The carpet covers the other colors present in the room. A multicolored rug is perfect for a wide variety of shades already present in the space.

You can also see how this idea works for spaces that use a high dose of bright, artistic colors. If you have a space with a very specific color dynamic or simply colored, you will want to focus on the color of the area rugs that you will find above all.

Using a global accent color style

The accent colors are always fun to integrate into a space. If you see a carpet that you like that does not match the color scheme of your room at all, it’s easy to add small items to make sure. For example, the yellow carpet in the picture above is yellow cushions, pouf and clock. Blankets, pillows and murals are easy to add to a space. So you can fit almost any carpet to the color palette of your room.

It’s easier to do with an already neutral color scheme. However, it is possible to work with several accent colors.

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