All About the Moroccan Chic Style

Moroccan furniture chic details

A characteristic of the Moroccan style is its distinctive furniture and its great use of textured patterns. So, you will want to first focus on furniture. For starters, this is not a Moroccan style unless you have a pouf somewhere, like the one tanned in the photo above. It is a good element that instantly gives the Moroccan tone thanks to its motives.

In general, you will want to focus on pieces with a high degree of geometric pattern. For example, you can choose a room divider with a patterned and geometric tone. Furniture with arches and diamond patterns are also common.

Go subtle with color

Traditional Moroccan styles speak of color saturation. However, more modern styles tend to turn neutral. To find a chic balance between them, you can focus on an accent color. The Moroccan chic style in the picture above uses a deep blue as the main accent color. You can see how this hue is reflected in the bedspread and the bench. Space also uses red as the secondary accent color.

You can also use small punches of multicolored elements. Examples include stained glass windows, artwork or carpets. However, these elements must not dominate the space. Ground these elements with neutral color elements to stay modern, as pictured above.

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